AL.Hajj Mohamed Faris Saleem


  • To be the pioneer in the poultry industry in Sri Lanka.


  • Yanboou guarantees to provide a fresh harvest which is healthy and nourished which helps to obtain the benchmark in the market.

An overview of what we do

  • Yanboou breeders (Pvt) Ltd, being a chick producer in the country for nearly decades, is a breeder who had built its image by producing quality chicks to farmers in Sri Lanka. The company anticipates in producing grade chicks which gives a harvest of 1Kg per bird to farmers whilst providing prompt efficient services to its valued customers. We, at Yanboou breeders, breed the chicks in a most hygienic and eco-friendly environment in order to produce the best harvest. The parent, which is the mother bird, is the breed of Cobb500. Which is the world’s recognized bird for its standards. The chicks are dispatched in extensively protective boxes which we assure safety at delivery.

Our Journey through the decades

  • From our humble beginning all the way back in 1996, Yanbooubreeders has wondrously evolved in order to facilitate the most superlative for the supply of day old chicks to farmers in Sri Lanka. We started-up with a 50,000 harvest of chicks to a handful of farmers.  Presently the company produces a considerable amount of production. ​​​​​​​


  • Simply an entrepreneur, AL Hajj. Mohamed Faris Saleem is an energetic and dedicated personality. Who is known as a hard-worker who brought this organization to what we see at present. Mr. Mohamed Faris Saleem, being the chairperson of the company, set examples to his staff while motivating them to reach this pinnacle. ​​​​​​​


  • Get to know the experts behind the success. Yanboou breeders is now led by a team of dynamic skilled individuals who is solely committed towards their profession. Being result-oriented, the personnel grow with the development of the company. ​​​​​​​

Contact us​​​​​​​

Address   -
    Yanboou breeders (Pvt) Ltd, 
    No.415, Galle road,
   Colombo 03.
Telephone - +94 113693800
Hotline - +94 717690700

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